Choosing Avast! To Protect Your Business Network

by erin on January 11, 2011

Having excellent safety measures in place for one’s computer can be one of the most important investments that can be made for the PC. Avast! Internet Security offers this protection. The various plans for all different budgets make it affordable for many to have access. The additional benefits and features make Avast! a clear choice for many.

Most computer users realize the great importance of having a secure system. If the computer is left unprotected, it can be vulnerable to breaches and several viruses. As a further repercussion, the entire hard drive could crash or freeze up resulting in an expensive repair.

When it comes to the various customer plans that are able to be downloaded, there are three separate software products that are available. The Free Antivirus offers to keep the files and PC virus free and gives the minimal protection. The next step up is the Pro antivirus for more customizable safety features which offers protection for the PC and provides safe web surfing from dangerous sites.

The best security can give the user a safe assurance when performing those daily online tasks. The package includes basic protection, web surfing, banking online and “no spam” features for the maximum coverage. As an added bonus for an additional small fee each computer in the home can also be protected.

Some great extras that Avast! offers are partner incentives. As an individual, one can become a reseller or affiliate with the company. The reseller can sign up on the main web site after filling out an application form. In addition, it also comes with a not for resale license for the personal site and sub-resellers and there are no minimum sales requirements involved.

As an affiliate with Avast!, having the link to their site alone offers up to 35% commissions on the software. Earning can be as simple as posting the referral on the web site and when anyone makes a purchase the site owner gets paid. Starting out the pay rate is 25% but that amount increases based on sale increase. Best of all, it doesn’t cost anything to become an affiliate.

As far as customer support goes, one can be sure that this is an area that is well covered. The easy site has a simple system divided into the three available products that are distributed. Once the customer finds the appropriate antivirus software they have purchased, they can then find downloads, license files, user guide, facts, questions and more. The contact feature provides several means of communication to solve any concerns with the product.

When it comes to a computer, it is vital to have the necessary means of protection. It is never wise to wait to upgrade or get the system updated because most often it is too late at that point. With the different selections for security one can be sure to find something suitable for their budget. Avast! Internet Security is an affordable and popular choice by users all over the globe. Find more security software service reviews online before making your final decision.

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