Bangkok Bars; Safety Tips For Tourists

by on February 2, 2008

Thailand has lovely scenery and is well known for its outrageous nightclubs. The established reputation of the evenings are like Amsterdam without the wooden shoes. Believe it or not, this is only some of the picture. As with any trip abroad, before departing, remember to check with the proper authorities to determine all of the regional laws and customs.

When you are in a foreign country, you should never carry your original documents with you unless you know you are going to need them. This would be the case if you were boarding an airplane. You should always make a photocopy of the information (your driver’s license, your passport, your birth certificate) and store the originals in your hotel safe or in your hotel room.

Bangkok pubs and drinking establishments are a gold mine for pick pockets and all other type of illegal activity because of large number of tourists that visit them. If you drink or do drugs, you should use extreme caution and always keep your personal property close to your person at all times.

Additionally because of the increased popularity for everyone, Thailand’s government and bar owners have worked to pass laws that will make tourists feel safer and be better able to enjoy themselves. For example, identification is now required at the entrance before anyone can enter a bar. To guarantee your own entry, you might want to call ahead and ask if your passport will suffice to allow you entry into the place you want to visit.

Second hand smoke is a serious problem in Thailand, like it is in the United States. Thailand has new laws about if and when a person is allowed to smoke in Bangkok bars. These laws are always changing, they depend on the time of day, day of week, and what club your in. It’s always best to double check if smoking is important to you.

Strip clubs are an extremely popular type of bar in Bangkok. These places are open late at night. Compared to clubs and bars in the United States, Thailand’s clubs have more relaxed rules. Thailand has different laws pertaining to these establishments. “Katoeys” or transvestites are common terms heard in Bangkok bars. Knowing a little about the culture of where you are visiting can save you trouble and embarrassment in foreign lands.

Although Thailand has many lovely cities, if you are a social night owl, you must check out the bangkok bars. Since there are so many nightclubs in Bangkok, a guide toBangkok bars can be helpful. The variety, style, glamor, and affordable high energy of Bangkok’s many nightclubs, bars, and discotheques await your discovery.

– Larry Willis

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