BMW In Los Angeles Gets Investigated

by erin on June 7, 2011

Going for a drive in a BMW in Los Angeles will offer you a thrill because of the wonderful way these vehicles handle. They have been viewed as the ultimate when it comes to handling and quality for what is closing in on a century. Those letters stand for Bavarian Motor Works. That hilly place in Southern Germany is where the company was founded.

Aviation Development

This took place in 1910 in the city of Munich. In the first years, the firm was committed to making thing for the newly developed aviation industry. You can still see this on the logo. The trademark emblem is a white propeller blade superimposed on a blue sky. The two colors are those found on a flag for Bavaria. This German state is famous both for the Black Forest and for the Alps.

Auto Making

Auto making began in 1928 with a car called the Dixi. It kept selling well even in the depression. The 328 Roadster got introduced and started bringing the company an impressive number of auto racing wins, 120 plus from 1936 to 1940. Once the war had ended, the number of victories began growing once more.

Luxury Sedan

The 501 series was developed to gain entry to the luxury sedan market. The 502 exploited this niche as well while also providing technological innovation. It came with a unique light alloy motor, which was a V-8. A tiny car was also made at this time and managed to beat all other models in sale. The two-seat Isetta had an engine of only a dozen horsepower.


All through the 60’s, a sports sedan called the 1500 sold well. Many new advances came about during the 70’s like turbocharging and more capable electronics. The 3, 5, and 7 Series was introduced. These still form the main lines for the company’s luxury sedans. The most exotic models are in the M Division.

Reputable Firm

Several countries saw facilities developed by this company in the 90’s. This is when plants opened in the U. S. The firm found its reputation had become renowned all over the world. They were seen as innovative and committed to putting out a quality product with superb handling abilities. They were regarded as the essence of what grand touring cars should be.


Going all the way back to the 20’s, this firm has had a reputation for making excellent motorcycles also. In our era, lines have been expanded to include SUV’s. The models currently available are enormous in range. There are sporty little roadsters and large luxury sedans in all sorts of variations. Some of the motors found in these rank among the most powerful production units ever to roll off an assembly line. The mileage that these cars achieved is still enviable because of the devotion to efficiency that the company has made.

Renowned Performers

A BMW in Los Angeles will take you from the desert to the sea with ease and style. These renowned performers can handle any task you care to assign them. They can serve the needs of individuals and family and one vehicle can do double duty and more. These will be able to out perform their competitors whether the track is through congestion or on an empty highway. Check out a BMW auto dealer today to see all the options available.

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