Coming To Appreciate The HP LaserJet 4050n Printer

by erin on April 20, 2010

After spending just a short amount of time with the unit, arriving at an appreciation for the HP LaserJet 4050n printer should occur with pleasant speed and a sense of satisfaction at what Hewlett-Packard’s done with this particular lineup of printers. The 4050n is meant to be a replacement for the extremely well-regarded 4000 series of printers, and it pulls this task off with ease and aplomb, with the HP C4127X toner cartridge offering the same sharpness and clarity in prints.

Hewlett-Packard has designed this particular printer to be better at everything the 4000 series was already outstanding at accomplishing. This means that it delivers hefty doses of printing and network performance wrapped up in a package that delivers very low operating costs as well as very high amounts of versatility. There’s little, in other words, that most would find to complain about when it comes to the 4050n.

The LaserJet 4050n was designed by HP to be one of a package of network printing solutions, especially when it comes to a network that’s very large and diverse. It was also designed to be extremely easy to use, and just about every workgroup user who’s ever been polled on the subject speaks very highly of the capabilities of this replacement for the best-in-class 4000 series printers, by the way.

As far as the type of printer that the 4050n is meant to be, it’s basically a workhorse for most any size workgroup. It delivers monochrome laser printing with seeming ease of operation, for one. It’s also an extremely inexpensive printer, with many online retailers selling it for between $100 and $190. Given the thoroughness of its spec sheet, the price for the printer is extremely impressive.

For what it’s worth, the 4050n with HP LaserJet 4050n toner cartridges delivers printed product at 1,200 dots per inch maximum resolution. This is more than enough resolution to meet the needs of any workgroup out there, even those that might require high-quality printed product at all times. The quality and sharpness of the text, along with the clarity and crispness, will instantly stand out upon visual examination, too.

This particular Hewlett-Packard is also fairly speedy for an inexpensive workgroup printer. It delivers its product at up to 17 pages per minute, as a matter of fact. Usually, in printers at this price point, the standard ranges from 8 to 12 pages per minute. That the 4050n easily beats that range is a testament to how well HP did when it rolled out this new series to replace the old 4000 series.

In addition, the 4050 delivers such things as wireless and wired connectivity, including a fine Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX interface to start things off. It can hold up to 600 sheets of paper, has a monthly maximum duty cycle of 60,000 pages and its print cartridge can deliver 1,000 pages before needing replacement. It also prints out on a huge variety of media stock, making it an extremely versatile-yet-low-cost printer.

For a business that’s having to cope with a limited budget (and what business isn’t, these days?), having something like the 4050n printer available — with its low cost of operation — has to be a pleasant circumstance. It’s extremely durable, very versatile and the HP 4050n bulk toner gives each page professionalism.  There’s nothing secondary about HP and this extends to the HP LJ 4050n toner.  Ordering compatible toners online is another way for a business to save money.

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