Discover How Photovoltaic Solar Energy Works

by on February 12, 2008

Are you frustrated with not understanding how photovoltaic solar energy works? You have probably heard all of the press surrounding this alternative source of energy but you probably still don’t understand how it actually works. Like most things the first step of understanding will lead to increased scrutiny. This in turn usually leads to more utilization.

Understanding The Process

The first step when discovering the process of how does photovoltaic solar energy work is the gathering of solar power. Once this has been done and collected through the photovoltaic cells they convert that energy obtained from the sun DIRECTLY into electricity. This electricity produced is in Direct Current or (DC) format. This (DC) can then be stored directly into storage batteries. After this (DC) is converted to Alternating Current (AC) it can be used to operate lights and any other common appliance.

Another way that is properly thought of when considering the choice of using solar energy is the following: If you can imagine that it works much the same way that leaving your garden hose laying in the sun all day on a hot sunny day. When you go to use it the first thing that comes out is hot water having been heated by the sun all day.

These are the two most common applications of utilizing solar power. There is no doubt that as technology develops the science behind utilizing solar power further that even more ways will be discovered.


There are areas that have more average days of sunshine, like the southwestern part of the United States, where using solar energy can be a good source of power. When you couple this with the fact that you are dealing with solar power which is clean, cheap and renewable it just makes sense. However, understanding how it works , you can see how understanding how does photovoltaic solar energy work may not be a good solution in areas of the country with several days of overcast skies and insufficient sunlight.

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– Bruce Campbell

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