Examining The Lexmark Optra W820 Printer

by erin on March 10, 2010

If you are looking to purchase a printer it is sometimes difficult to determine which printer is a smart purchase for you. You may overspend by buying a printer that has more features than you can use or getting a printer that does not meet your needs.  It is important to know what your needs are and examine how the printer measures up to them before making the purchase. As an example, we will study the Lexmark Optra W820 printer using Lexmark Optra W820 toner and what types of environments it would work well in.

Many users are concerned about how fast their machine prints, however this can be measured in two different ways. The amount of time it takes for the first page of the job to be printed from the point it was requested is called Time to First Page. It may vary depending on the complexity of the print job, paper size and weight, and even the paper texture. The W820 has a seven second average for time to first page measurements, which is a rather quick speed.

Another important speed factor that may be useful is the number of pages per minute the printer is capable of handling. The speeds listed will vary depending on paper source and paper type. Most printer manufacturers will use the fastest speed attainable, so you may notice it slightly slower in some instances. This Lexmark will print up to 45 pages per minute simplex and 38 pages per minute duplex.

Paper speeds are great, but a better printer must also support a sufficient amount of paper to allow those speeds without the user having to constantly stop and fill paper trays. The standard paper handling configuration is two 500 sheet capacity input trays, a 35 sheet multipurpose input, and a 500 sheet output bin.

However, if your needs require higher amounts of paper throughput, you can raise the input up to 3,535 pages with additional options available. The output capacity can handle up to 3,350 pages with the addition of optional output expanders. An optional finisher can be added to all hole-punch capability and multi-position stapling.

If you print on more than just plain white printer paper it is important to determine what types of media are supported by the printer you desire to purchase. Some media types are handled better by certain printers than by others, so don’t assume it will run fine because it did in the old one.

Supported media types are the safest choice to use in the printer, as the company most likely knows how to resolve any issues that may appear. This printer supports printing on up to ninety pound index, labels, cardstock and transparency media. It is also wise to check what sources your media should be used in for best results, for example the multi-purpose feeder may feed heavy cardstock better than an optional paper tray.

Based on the items examined above, the Lexmark Optra W820 printer would do well in a high print volume office environment, having excellent speed and paper handling capabilities to meet most needs. However there are many possible features, such as Bar Code Printing, that we have not covered and may be important to you as a consumer. So use the examination above as a guide to help you ask the questions most important to meeting your needs.

Should this printer work for you, the Lexmark Optra W820 toner will be easy to find through the Internet.  Many online retailers offer Lexmark toner at great prices, making replacement toner a simple purchase.

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