How to Use the Lexmark Optra C524 Printer

by erin on March 10, 2010

It is always exciting to purchase new office equipment. Usually, the reason a company or personal buyer purchases a new product like a printer or fax machine is that they need something faster and more efficient. The Lexmark Optra C524 Printer is almost certainly an upgrade from whatever the buyer might have been using before. Paired with the Lexmark Optra C524 Toner and high quality ink, this printer can create truly professional documents, brochures, and many other printed materials.

In order to use the C524, it is important to install the proper drivers. This way the printer and the computer or computers that will be accessing it can “talk” to each other in order to print a document. Depending on whether a printer will connected to only one computer or a whole office of computers, the installation procedure may differ. Consult the printer’s user manual to learn how to install drivers for a network of computers.

Once a printer’s drivers are properly installed, a user can send a document or job to the printer. One of the biggest causes of printer malfunction is printer jams. A printer jam can occur for several reasons.  The paper may not have been correctly placed into the paper feeder, the user may not have adjusted the feeder to the correct width or height of the materials, or he or she may not have selected the right materials in the print pop-up box.

To clear a printer jam, you will need to remove the paper that is stuck. There are many places paper can become jammed within a large printer such as the C524. First, check the standard paper feed tray. If there is no problem with the tray, check the inner door, the standard bin, the lower door, and the fuser cover until the issue is located and the paper has been cleared.

Other potential problems may pertain to how the ink and Lexmark Optra C524 toner have been installed. It is crucial to read all directions thoroughly before placing any accessories into the printer. With any ink or toner cartridge, there may be package or small tabs to be removed before placing them within the appropriate slot. The manufacturer may also have changed the packaging between orders, which is why it is important to consult directions even when re-ordering the same product.

The Lexmark Optra C524 Printer features an easy-to-read operator panel on the front of the machine. This window serves to communicate any problems, errors, or malfunctions occurring with the printer. To keep the printer working properly, it is important to address any problems immediately. If the error is not clear, it is best to call the manufacturer hotline to prevent damage to the printer.

Before sending a job to print, a user will be given a variety of options. These options include paper size and type, number of copies, and the option to print in color or monotone when applicable. These preferences allow the user to maximize the usefulness of the printer. To become familiar with all the available options, users can find details in the manual or online.

There are many ways to get the full benefits of a new Lexmark Optra C524 Printer. It is important to read all materials that come with the new printer, as well as any supplemental material that may come with the Lexmark Optra C524 toner, ink cartridges, and other printer parts. Printers, Lexmark toner, or other model-compatible toner cartridges may be purchased at office supply stores, discount retailers, and online.

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