Taking A Look At The IBM InfoPrint 1352 Printer

by erin on March 10, 2010

Having a robust laser printer is an important tool for today’s business office. It is necessary to have a printer that will meet the needs of your work flow. You need the flexibility and options that can fit your particular environment. When you take a look at the IBM InfoPrint 1352 printer using IBM InfoPrint 1352 toner, you will find a monochrome laser printer that can produce high volume output at a rapid rate. This device is appropriate for medium to large size workgroups. It has several flexible options, such as duplex, scanning, faxing and copying functionality.  It is more than adequate for meeting the printing needs of the typical workgroup. A review of Internet forums and feedback sites indicates generally positive reviews for this printer.

There are two models of the InfoPrint 1352 printer: a base model and a network model.  This model weighs 41.5 lbs. The physical dimensions are 17.2″ wide x 20.2″ deep x 16″ high.

The Infoprint 1352 uses a 300 MHz processor. It has a maximum speed of up to 40 pages per minute. The first page out time ranges from 8.5 seconds to 10 seconds. The maximum monthly usage is 200,000 pages, however, IBM does not recommend printing this monthly maximum on a consistent basis. Print resolution is 1,200 dots per inch. Both the base model and the network model have standard memory of 64 MB and 320 MB maximum memory.

This device has one standard input tray that holds 600 sheets of paper. Up to four additional drawers can be added. There are 250, 400, 500 and 2,000-sheet drawers available, but only one 2,000 sheet drawer can be installed. Duplexing is an optional feature.

This printer has a standard 500 sheet output bin. Up to three output options can be added. There is a 650 sheet output expander available. A StapleSmart Finisher, which can output 750 unstapled sheets or 600 stapled sheets, can be added. A high capacity output stacker that can hold 1,850 sheets can also be a useful addition.  A five bin mailbox, which can hold a maximum of 100 sheets per bin, can be included.

The Infoprint 1352 printer can print on a variety of media sizes and types. It will accept letter, legal, executive, folio, statement, A4, A5, JIS B5, universal and several envelopes sizes. This printer will also accept plain paper, card stock, transparencies, paper labels and envelopes. Acceptable weights are 16 to 47 lb bond for plain paper.

This particular IBM model is no longer manufactured by IBM. However, there are many of these printers for sale on the Internet. You can find some great deals when buying a used printer. Toner cartridges are also easily purchased from the Internet. This machine has a good reputation for being a sturdy printer that produces excellent output.

When selecting a printer to meet the needs of a medium to large business, there are basic standards you must consider. Rapid printing speed with quality output is important. Sufficient input and output capacity is crucial. It must be able to utilize several media types and sizes. Depending on your unique business needs, functions such duplex and scanning may be very helpful. The IBM Infoprint 1352 printer meets all these standards.

Quality prints are provided by the IBM InfoPrint 1352 toner.  Online retailers offer IBM toner, as well as every other type and brand, at competitive prices that seem to be making local retailers obsolete.

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