Where Have All the Good .coms Gone?

by on February 26, 2008

The allure of the world wide web with its ability to quickly open up global markets to smart ecommerce business owners with product and services to sell but one of the drawbacks is that the good domains are gone, right? The days of quickly finding several good .com domains have all but disappeared and it’s getting harder and harder to even find good domain names with less attractive extensions like .net, org, and .biz. If you don’t act fast, you’ll be stuck with a lowly .info domain.

If you actually believe that, think again because it’s far from the truth. If you just use a little imagination and creativity, it won’t take very long to find a memorable .com name for your domain but it might take a bit longer than it did a few years ago. Then again, you might be surprised to find your first choice still available.

Recently I went shopping for some domain names and was pleasantly surprised at what was available. I created a DVD that shows how to create a DVD without spending a dime. Of course createdvd.com was taken but CreateDVDProduct.com was still available. Then I created a DVD that shows how to create customized DVD & CD covers. This one took a little longer but it wasn’t more than a few minutes before I chose DVDnCDCovers.com and there were several other good choices available. Visit either one of those sites to learn more.

CreateVideoProduct.com is the domain I selected for a product that shows you how to create your own online video course. That domain was surprisingly easy to find too. “Webmaster Basics for Internet Entrepreneurs” at TheWebmasterBasics.com is a popular 3 volume DVD set for anyone who wants to learn the basic webmaster tasks required to run a successful Internet business. These domain names may be considered too long by some but they describe the products to a “T” and are attracting search engine traffic already.

You want always find it this easy though. The day will come when you might get frustrated by the challenge of finding a good .com domain for your site but all you need to do is be creative. One possibility is to try using a letter like an “a”, “e”, or “i” or a short word like in the domain name. Another possibility is using the letter n in place of the word and. Still another possibility is replacing “s” with “z”. BlogCarnivalz.com was the product of using that little trick. Notice the keyword phrase “blog carnival” is still part of the domain. Tap into your creative intuition and the ideas will flow freely. The simple fact of the matter is that good .com names are plentiful.

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– David Crestrum

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