Women Oxy Addicts Fleeing To Addiction Treatment Centers

by Bridget on May 25, 2012

With the recent ban of Oxycodone, Roxycodone, and other opiates that have become popular in the prescription pill addiction epidemic, many addicts are flocking to addiction treatment centers.  Many feel that as their supply whether by prescription or dealer dwindles they should seek addiction treatment services on their own time. This is good as many are realizing their problem and seeking help for it.

Oxy Addiction

Oxy is primarily used by women and comes in the form of a prescription bottle. It is an acute pain reliever and is especially excellent in the escape from emotional pain. Because it is a prescription many believe it’s safer to use and more acceptable to use than street opiods such as heroin. Many babies are born each year in the throws of opiod withdrawal due to the mother’s use of prescription opiates.


What’s good now is that with the national awareness of prescription drug addiction and pain killer addiction, many feel it’s not as stigmatized. Many women are now feeling more comfortable discussing their problem with family members and in turn seeking help for their addiction. With the recent ban of Oxycodone there has been an influx at treatment centers of those once addicted seeking help and treatment.

Hopefully anyone with an addiction to prescription medications will take this time to seek help for their addiction. It is never too late to receive help and there are plenty of services available; from detox, to treatment, to relapse prevention.  Oxy and other opiates can truly be an addiction of the past.

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